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Make no mistake, they are a team.  Just like the other two teams in front of the fans. The only difference? Referees are the decisions makers.  Anybody's whose job it is to make decisions that will ultimately affect a large group of people know that it can be stressful at times.

A blog posted today on the CLax web site titled Referees are people too was another in a long list of essays about the referee dilema of having the most disrespected job on earth other than Rob Ford's.  It's true, they take a lot of verbal abuse at times and the common opinion is they act like they just don't care about a missed call, an injured player or the game itself.

As a photographer, I've had the opportunity to share space with the referees during games.  I am a fly on the wall as they say.  I go about my business as they do theirs.  I hear them discuss the game plan before games and after each period.  I hear them dissect their performance.  They critique themselves on what they didn't do right and discuss how they're going to correct it.  It is precisely what the other two teams do in their own rooms.  When it's time to get out there, they pat each other on the back, say a few words of encouragement and set out to give the fans the best game they can, because they DO care.  Good job guys!



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Vintage Lax: Anatomy of a Scott Komer save Like the Sean Thomson goal last year, this save will spark debate as to it's validity as being a true save.  Either way, there is no denying the effort of Scott Komer on this play.  Komer had just stopped Wayne VanEvery on a breakaway. The rebound was scooped low in front of the net and shovelled at the open goal and an out of position Komer.  Scott saw it all the way and made this spectacular save.

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Vintage Lax: Anatomy of a Logan Kane goal

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Turfdog teaser Jan. 5  
Transition specialist Spencer Janes

 What better way to spend a Saturday?  I made the early morning trip down highway 12 to the Oshawa GM Centre to take in the day of lacrosse hosted by Jonas Derks and his Turfdogs.  The day began at 9:00am with a series of clinics put on by the Pro's and ended with an exhibition game between the Turfdogs and Barrie Blizzard at 2:00pm.  If this was any indication of the popularity of the Clax concept, I suspect it's going to be a very good year.  The clinics were well attended at all age groups and the game itself had one of the best fan turnouts I've seen at the GM Centre.  And why not?  The Clax rosters are nicely populated with some of the best talent in the game.

Jr. Clax stars Gareth Haigh, Dante Kulas and Ryan Haigh

This makes for an exciting weekend ahead as the season opens Saturday at the ILA.  Defending Creator's Cup Champions, the Oshweken Demons, will face the Iroquois Ironmen.  On Sunday lacrosse will return to Maple Leaf Gardens, now the Mattamy Centre, as the Toronto Shooting Stars take on the Durham Turfdogs.  Vinatge Lax will be at both games to capture the action.  You can see all the action form this past weekend here.

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Attwoods together at last

Well well...the dynamic duo will wear the same colours this year.  Clax has just announced a trade that sends Clax top scorer and offensive player Chris Attwood to the Iroquois Ironmen and the loving arms of brother Mike Attwood,  the 2012 Clax Most Valuable Player.  But the story doesn't end there...Craig Attwoood was also an Ironman last year, so this may just complete the Hat Trick.  It's hard to say who got the best of this deal, maybe Mike, since he won't have to worry about his "top right" anymore.  But the real winners are mom and dad, who will be able to attend a game and not have to choose sides.

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Starting now...

Welcome to my new project for 2013.  I hope you will enjoy my perspective on the games I will be attending this coming lacrosse season.  I have played this game at every level, coached, refereed and watched more games than most people and now with the Vintage Lax project going into it's fourth year, I hope to bring you more than just pictures.
 I am just two weeks away from Clax opening day in Oshweken.  A fitting start as last year's finalists will battle again to officially open the season.  I look forward to rekindling the friendships I made during last years season.
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